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BFT Roots G2 by Jimmy Lindahl

Nu finns nya versionen av BFT Roots spön. Stilrena, kraftfulla spön till gäddfiskets alla situationer.


6’7” Jerkbait -160g
Moderate action rod for fishing gliders and jerkbaits. Super light and well balanced.

6’9” Heavy Jerkbait -190g
A powerful jerkbait and glider ”stick” for those really big lures. Moderate action.

7’6” Tailgunner -80g
The Tailgunner is a downsize rod perfect for fishing small to medium size lures. A fast tip in combination with a deeper bend when pressure is applied gives you a rod with lure control as well as casting distance! Medium Fast action.

7’9” Multi Pike -170g
This is by far the most versatile rod in the range. Fast action tip with a ton of backbone which is perfect for fishing big softbaits!

8’4” Ballistic -140g
If you are in the market for a super light rod that casts a mile with medium sized lures and hooks well on long lines, this is the one for you. Ballistic is built on a Medium Fast action blank.

9’ Catapult -150g
A Moderate action rod for long range casting, line control and powerful hooksets.

7’6” Pike Finesse -60g
This is the ultimate spinning rod for fishing small to medium sized softbaits, spoons and crankbaits! Easy to use and casts a mile. Fast action.

7’9” Ricochet -130g 
A Fast action spinning rod with loads of backbone. Fishing beefy softbaits with a spinning reel is no match for the Ricochet!

Artikel nr. Info Lager InfoKastviktLängd Pris Antal
CW60BFTR2S762 I lager Bft roots g2 pike finesse haspel60 gram7,6 fot 1 999 kr
CW60BFTR2S792 Ej Lager Bft roots g2 ricochet haspel130 gram7,9 fot 1 999 kr
CW60BFTR2T672 Ej Lager Bft roots g2 jerkbait spinn160 gram6,7 fot 1 999 kr
CW60BFTR2T692 I lager Bft roots g2 jerkbait spinn190 gram6,9 fot 1 999 kr
CW60BFTR2T762 I lager Bft roots g2 tailgunner spinn80 gram7,6 fot 1 999 kr
CW60BFTR2T792 I lager Bft roots g2 multi pike spinn170 gram7,9 fot 2 199 kr
CW60BFTR2T842 I lager Bft roots g2 impact spinn140 gram8,4 fot 2 199 kr
CW60BFTR2T902 I lager Bft roots g2 ballistic spinn150 gram9 fot 2 299 kr
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