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Freedom Jacket, Herr

Freedom - serious offshore and coastal protection.

Constructed from our high performing TP2 fabric featuring Bi-Component Coating Technology. Freedom products are 100% Waterproof, Windproof and Highly Breathable. Packed with features the Jackets are specified with Optivision Hoods for increased peripheral vision and high cut collars with spume visor for full face protection. Henri Lloyd Photo-Luminescent Reflectors (HLPLR) represent cutting edge technology in energy-zero and self-sustaining light sources. By day the reflectors absorb UV light (sunlight or artificial) and after dark they release energy to improve safety at night.

  • OPTIVISION Hood System
  • Marl fleece collar lining
  • Fast draining hand warmer pockets with Rentex mesh lining and waterproof zips
  • Dual cargo and handwarmer pockets with micro fleece lining
  • Internal Dartex storm cuff
  • Nylon seat reinforcement
  • Reflective patches at shoulder, storm flap and hood
  • Articulated for ease of movement
  • Contoured to reduce windage
  • Photo-luminescent reflectors
Artikel nr. Info Lager InfoFÄRGMODELLSTORLEK Pris Antal
HLY00351-BLK-L Ej Lager Freedom jkt l blkSVARTHERRLARGE 3 999 kr
HLY00351-BLK-M Ej Lager Freedom jkt m blkSVARTHERRMEDIUM 3 999 kr
HLY00351-BLK-S Ej Lager Freedom jkt s blkSVARTHERRSMALL 3 999 kr
HLY00351-BLK-XL Ej Lager Freedom jkt xl blkSVARTHERRX-LARGE 3 999 kr
HLY00351-MRN-L Ej Lager Freedom jkt l mrnMARINBLÅHERRLARGE 3 999 kr
HLY00351-MRN-M Ej Lager Freedom jkt m mrnMARINBLÅHERRMEDIUM 3 999 kr
HLY00351-MRN-S Ej Lager Freedom jkt s mrnMARINBLÅHERRSMALL 3 999 kr
HLY00351-MRN-XL Ej Lager Freedom jkt xl mrnMARINBLÅHERRX-LARGE 3 999 kr
HLY00351-NRD-L Ej Lager Freedom jkt l nrdRÖDHERRLARGE 3 999 kr
HLY00351-NRD-M I lager Freedom jkt m nrdRÖDHERRMEDIUM 3 999 kr
HLY00351-NRD-S Ej Lager Freedom jkt s nrdRÖDHERRSMALL 3 999 kr
HLY00351-NRD-XL I lager Freedom jkt xl nrdRÖDHERRX-LARGE 3 999 kr
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