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Shimano Metanium DC HG Vänster

The new Metanium DC comes equipped with our new DC brake system called "I-DC5" "I-DC5" has 2 sets of dial adjustment. 1. With the inside dial, you can select the type of line used. (1. Nylon, 2.Flurocarbon & 3. PE Line) The outside dial adjustment is based on the lure type. 1. Big Lures (18-30g), 2. Medium Lures (10-20g), 3. Small Lures (8-12g) & 4. Finese Lures (5-8g) There is also the "AUTO" function, letting the onboard DC decide optimal brake setting "I-DC5" is a new DC braking system that uses more magnets to assist braking that previous system. With the additional of a ring magnet, brake force can be applied more evenly. This increases maximum spool revolution by 12% at the start of a cast With this new technology, anglers can achieve long and consistent casting everytime

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NM2700000000 Ej Lager Metanium dc hg vänster 5 999 kr
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