Imagine… an early summer morning, a bank of fog is still hanging over the surface of the water while a couple of ducks are quacking in the reeds. You’re still a little sleepy when you stroll onto the jetty with your fishing gear and your backpack with the day’s lunch. You board your sport fishing boat, start up the engine and off you go.

The bow splits the mirror-clear water, you smell the sea and the seaweed and you feel the wind in your hair. Eagerly you study your marine electronics until you see signs of activity below the surface. You slow down, put in the anchor and settle in comfortably. You take out your rod, look out over the natural scenery where a pair of seagulls play in the distance and you enjoy the fact that you right now experience one of the golden moments of your life.

At Baltic Kalmar Marina we can help you make your dreams come true!

We have a long experience in sport fishing, marine electronics and customising sport fishing boats. We know what it takes to make sure a boat maximises catches, performance and comfort.

Let us rebuild your boat and turn it into a first class sport fishing boat with the latest equipment.

We offer:

  • Electric motors
  • Electric systems you can rely on
  • Individual solutions that suit you and your fishing.
  • Powerful petrol engines from Mercury
  • The latest technology in GPS, plotter, sonar etc.

Sounds interesting? Contact Thomas tel:+4670-7799237 or our office tel: +46 480-10600