Now’s your chance to prove you’re a fishing whiz. Baltic Kalmar Marina’s annual team fishing competition Baltic Pike gives different teams the chance to compete against each other. The best total length of five pike caught wins.

  • 1st prize 20 000 SEK
  • 2nd prize 10 000 SEK
  • 3rd prize 5 000 SEK

We also award a prize for the longest total length of two pike, one caught in the summer competition and the other caught in the autumn competition. The winner will be rewarded with 2 000 SEK. We will also reward the person who catches the single longest pike with a nice sponsor prize. In addition, we will be giving away a variety of prizes to the participants who come to our prize-giving ceremony

The Baltic Pike consists of two competitions, the Saturday of the first weekend in June and the Saturday of the last weekend in October. Both competitions are part of the SPL (Swedish Pike League), don’t miss to register your team!

The summer competition will be held on Saturday 3 June 2023.

The autumn competition will be held on Saturday 28 Oktober 2023

Date for registration will be announced on our Facebook- and Instagram accounts about a month before the competition, please follow us there. A link for registration will also be published on our website.



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  • 2022-06-04