Our company services & repairs boats and rents out indoor and outdoor winter storage spaces. This means that our activities affect our common environment and the climate on earth. Baltic Kalmar Marian AB shall therefore reduce the impact on the environment as far as technically possible and economically reasonable.

This shall be done in the areas where our operations have the greatest environmental impact, the way we carry out the various work steps, transport, workshop, external service on other plastics and shop and warehouse.

We shall keep ourselves informed of and comply with the requirements imposed on us by environmental legislation, other social requirements and the requirements of our customers.
We shall work proactively and strive for continuous improvement in our environmental work.
We shall, as far as possible, give priority to those materials, products and services that have a lower environmental impact than other products.
We set environmental requirements for our suppliers and partners as far as possible.
We will only buy renewable electricity wherever possible.
All employees (including management and owners) will be given the opportunity to attend industry-appropriate environmental training or other appropriate training.
All employees will be involved and invited to make suggestions for improvements to our environmental work.
The environmental work shall be continuously developed and improved through the ongoing monitoring of action plans and targets and the annual review of the environmental work.
We shall be open and provide information about the company’s environmental work on our website baltic.nu and be responsive to changes in the world around us.
Baltic Kalmar Marina has unanimously decided that no scraping, sanding or painting of boat bottoms is allowed on the yard’s premises. It is required to have a hard plastic training to be aware of environmental and health risks, this training and competence is held by the yard’s staff.
Document updated 2021-12-30